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    The Up and Over Tour

    We strive to attain young people’s attention and impact their lives so that they walk away making wiser choices.
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    Achieve against the odds workshop

    During our interactive workshop, students focus on self worth, decisions and choices, and assumptions that people make about others and how it affects behavior and how others feel...“thank you for listening. I love knowing you care.” – Student, Clover Park High School
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    Performance Presentation

    "today was the most amazing emotional motivating assembly I have EVER had" ~High School Student, Roosevelt High School... Music can engage people both physically and emotionally and is one of the few ways in which we can connect with each other
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    New to Our Online Store!

    Our UP and OVER Logo Tee-Shirts Available NOW as well as our "Smile, Breath, Believe, Begin, Continue" Tee! ALL net proceeds goes right back into our programs and services!
How it Works

Once your school/organization has decided to host Up and Over, an on-site coordinator is identified, who works hand-in-hand with our team to book, organize, plan, and build momentum for the day/s.

After you select your day/s, you will recieve our Appearance Agreement which you can sign, scan and email back to us. If you are in Portland, OR, returning the agreement is all you will need to do to secure your date.

There are two components to Up and Over, the performance presentation, which are FREE and the workshops. You can book them together or separately although we highly suggest utilizing one of the workshops for maximum results. This can be done in one day or two. (workshops on day one, performance presentation on day two, or workshops before lunch, performance presentation after lunch, we will work with you.)

Performance Presentation: If you are outside Portland, OR, you will be responsible for minimal travel expenses (see PRICE SHEET)

Workshops: Once you book your dates, you will receive an outline of the workshop.

Payment Types: If you would like to pay with debit/credit card, we can do that for you over the phone and email you a reciept or you can mail us a check to the address that will be on your appearance agreement.

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Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Our Mission, Our Vision Our Legacy and how we changes lives OUR VISION is that every child lives in a world...

Speaking to the Reynolds School Board

Student Showcase, Up and Over from Reynolds School District #7 on Vimeo. Up and Over Founder Javonnie Shearn speaking to...

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