hi , You Guys Jusst Earlier visited Cp . i Was one of the freshman who saw your performances . i enjoyed them . but anyway about me i rather not share my name . but uhm , i'd say iv'e been going through some obstacles in my life . my mothers an on going drug addict . i havent seen her in aboouut 8 years . i Hear about her alot though , S m l ( smacking my lips ] , not ever any good news.. . i Have 9 brothers and sissters , i dont know 2 of them . and im only fully related to 4 of them . last year i lost my 3 year old niece , she was ran over . i was expelled last year , suspended 4 times & 12 times in 7th grade . so this year im definitely going to focus on myself . no distractions . & be a better role model for my little sister . i guess i mainLy Related to javonni;s Story . she really inspired me . <3

I had a drug addicted mother and life was extremely hard as a young child. I had to take care of my sister from the age of 5 and she has a learning and attention disability, and no matter how hard you try , she cant help but try and do anything she can for attention.. and last year my mother tried to cut herself while me and my sister were at home, and i had to bust down the door , take the knife from her , and tell her to get out of the effing bathroom.i couldn't let my sister see her like that, and i had left shortly after that incident had happened and moved back with my aunt and uncle.and at the time I felt like why would you do that, and at a young age both my mother and father had left us, mother chose drugs over us, and father .. another woman.my mom has mental and physical disability's and .... one night i had asked her why shes had called my sister a slut and that it was wrong(my sister was living with her at the time.) she had told me , my grandmother, & my two aunts to "never call back, because I might not be here tomorrow", and it hurt me, i hadn't done anything wrong, and she lashed out to protect herself.She was also a victim of domestic violence and i saw that repeatedly as a young child, and i couldn't handle it, and to this day i still wonder why she had chosen drugs over me and my little sister.

Growing up, i lived with my family in a 3 bedroom apartment. One for my grandparents, one for my aunt and one for my mom, sister, brother and i. That was from when i was a kid to when i was about 9. Then my mom started to date this guy and i liked him at first, but then he abused her. Gave her two black eyes for nothing. So she divorced him.
Then she got promoted in her job, and we lived a good life for a couple years. When i was 11 things started to go down hill.
My mom lost her job, so we had to move to a cheaper place. We moved into a house where each room was owned by a different person. My brother, sister and i lived in one room. We only had two mattresses so we had to alternate each night.
After 7th grade was over, we got evicted and had to move in with my grandparents again. we lived with them all summer in Federal Way. The apartment had two rooms and there were 8 of us, and a dog, so it was hard.
That summer i got caught stealing and had got my picture taken, charged, and couldn't go to the mall for a year. That's when i wanted to change my life.
We got help from Helping Hands and they paid for our home once we found one.
We got an apartment in Tillicum. about two weeks of living there, we had to move because the lady sold to us illegally. We were very upset, so the state put us into a motel for 2 weeks. I didn't want to tell anyone because it was the beginning of 8th grade and i was scared they would judge me.
Helping Hands helped us again and we found a house by the mall. But i went to Hudtloff which was across town. So every morning i woke up at 4 35 to get ready to take a bus that would pick us up at 5 50 and drive us around and pick up other kids. I would sit on the bus for 2 hours. Just to get an another bus for an hour to go to school.
I graduated 8th grade with A'S AND B's, high honor roll, and 9 awards throughout the whole year.
Things got better. We got a nice house, my mom got a job, my sister got a scholar ship to SPU, Everything started going good and still is. I am proud to say i got up and over my issues and i still am.
Thank you for listening, i love knowing you care. (;