Volunteers do not need to have teaching or professional experience. The most important qualification of a volunteer is to have a genuine interest in our young people. Confidentiality and discretion are necessary. Warmth and empathy are desired. No special educational background is required. All Up and Over volunteers are required to complete the clearance process which includes an Oregon State Police criminal history background check.

Before you volunteer, you should know the answers to these questions:

• Would you like to work directly with students?

• What kind of volunteer job would you like to do?

• Where would you prefer to work — administrative, middle or high school?

• What days or hours do you prefer?

• How much time do you want to commit to a volunteer job?

• What experience do you have that might prepare you for your volunteer job?

• What are you looking for in your volunteer experience? 

To volunteer, fill out our online volunteer application or contact us for more information.