Remember the last time it was cold outside?  Maybe you were on your way to work, waiting for the bus. Or sitting in your car waiting for it to  warn up.  Maybe you had to walk to your destination.  Now try to imagine, on the coldest day you can recall, doing any of that without a coat or jacket on.

This is out fourth year providing NEW coats to homeless teens.  Our first year was not meant to be the start of an annual event.  We simply had youth in our mentoring program who did not have coats who shared with us they were homeless. We immediately went to work reaching out to our friends and family,  Not only did we get enough to cover the four coats needed, we were blessed with socks, shoes and gift cards. After seeing the pride on their faces at being able to shop for their own new coat we knew it was something we wanted to do again.

Our second year we raised enough to take 14 youth shopping and last year that number rose to 25!  Because of the relationships we have built with schools and other after school programs, they reach out to us for support. Last year we provided 6 NEW coats to mentors at Step Up. 

This year we want to take 50 homeless youth to shop for a brand new coat, but we need your help.  The average coat is $40 for middle school aged and $60 for rolder youth.

There are options for lessor amounts, just use the drop down menu!
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