QUESTION: How much do you charge?
ANSWER: This depends upon what you book and how long you book us for. We are an unfunded company but still charge less than the market rate for our services. Please contact us and/or see our PRICE SHEET for details.

QUESTION: I want to make a provisional booking
ANSWER: We do not take provisional bookings, only confirmed ones.

QUESTION: We want to pay after your visit
ANSWER: To enable us to keep our costs down all payments for presentations, workshops and other projects must be paid in advance. It is Up and Over's policy to charge upfront for all programs of work.

QUESTION: It is our policy to only pay for goods and services after they have been delivered.
ANSWER: Where there is a clash of policies we are happy to discuss with you a compromise solution. Please note that this will usually involve you paying higher costs for your goods or services.

QUESTION: What happens if you cancel our booking?
ANSWER: We have never had to cancel a booking to date. If we have to cancel your booking for any reason and we cannot come to an agreement on a new date then you will receive a full refund.

QUESTION: We want to cancel our booking
ANSWER: Unless we can re-book your booking then you will be charged the full amount.

QUESTION: Can we film your presentation or workshop?
ANSWER: No. You cannot film any parts of our workshops or presentation.

QUESTION: We have booked you to perform at our school, what time will you arrive?
ANSWER: We normally require 60 minutes to get-in and set up. If we are not performing on the ground floor or if there are lots of stairs to climb then this could take longer.

QUESTION: How long does it take you to get-out of our venue when you have finished performing?
ANSWER: It normally takes us 30-40 minutes to get out of a venue.

QUESTION: How many presentations can I have in one day?
ANSWER: This depends upon the presentation. Usually you can have a maximum of two presentations in one day. You must allow a minimum of 30-minutes between each presentation.

QUESTION: How many workshops can I have in one day?
ANSWER: You can have a maximum of four one hour workshops in one day or one full workshop series in one day.

QUESTION: We want speakers for an event. Can you provide one?
ANSWER: Yes. We can provide speakers and presenters for conferences and events.

QUESTION: How many participants can you present to?
ANSWER: There is no maximum limit to the size of the audience - the only constraint is the size of your avaiblable area.  Please note that it is not appropriate to squeeze as many people as you can into a space. Your students should be able to sit comfortably (usually on chairs) and there should be enough gaps around the outside of the seating areas for staff to move or walk down.

QUESTION: How many students can you run workshops for?
ANSWER: We can run large and small workshops. Our largest workshop to date has been with 200 students and our smallest has been with 13 students. The basic thing to remember is that the larger the workshop the less interactivity that happens.

QUESTION: We are a Local Authority. Can we book you for a week or more to visit and work with our schools?
ANSWER: Yes. We are happy to take bookings from Local Authorities and to work in your area for a week or more at a time.

QUESTION: Where do you tour to?
ANSWER: We tour anywhere there are youth.

QUESTION: What kind of spaces do you perform in?
ANSWER: We can perform in just about any space. Wherever a school usually holds an assembly typically works for us. For small groups/workshops smaller areas can work.

QUESTION: We want you to work with us but we don't have any money.
ANSWER: Up and Over is an unfunded company and although our presentations are free we do have to charge for our workshops. Up and Over does a lot of charitable work with specific charities and community groups. We will always consider requests for charitable work but please do not get upset if we can not.

Please contact us for more details or if you have questions not answered here. If you are ready to book Up and Over, you may do so HERE