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    The Up and Over Tour

    We strive to attain young people’s attention and impact their lives so that they walk away making wiser choices.
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    Achieve against the odds workshop

    During our interactive workshop, students focus on self worth, decisions and choices, and assumptions that people make about others and how it affects behavior and how others feel...“thank you for listening. I love knowing you care.” – Student, Clover Park High School
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    Performance Presentation

    "today was the most amazing emotional motivating assembly I have EVER had" ~High School Student, Roosevelt High School... Music can engage people both physically and emotionally and is one of the few ways in which we can connect with each other
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    New to Our Online Store!

    Our UP and OVER Logo Tee-Shirts Available NOW as well as our "Smile, Breath, Believe, Begin, Continue" Tee! ALL net proceeds goes right back into our programs and services!

Performance Presentation is FREE, however, schools or organizations that require travel by air or are more than a 30 minutes drive from Portland, OR will be required to cover travel expenses. Travel expenses will be billed on a per school, per day basis. These are just estimates.

Under  30 minute drive away from Portland, OR   FREE
1-3 hours drive away from Portland, OR                 $200-$500
4-6 hours drive away from Portland, OR                 $700-$1,000
Anything over a 6 hour drive see below**

Please contact us for pricing

**Additional costs for schools or organizations that require overnight car or air travel ESTIMATED EXPENSES

Round trip airline tickets from Portland,                                                     $600 - $2500
Baggage Fees                                                                                                 $100 - $300
Hotel rooms (your selected date/s plus 1 day prior and following)       $300 - $900
Equal to or above the quality of a Holiday Inn.                                 

Rental car (van required) beginning the day prior to your date/s           $100 per day
Miscellaneous Supplies                                                                                $100-$300

These estimates are based on 3 days.

Workshops require travel for 1-2 trained facilitators
Performance presentations require travel for 5 team members

To enable us to keep our costs down all payments for presentation (travel), workshops and other projects must be paid in advance. It is Up and Over's policy to charge upfront for all programs of work. Where there is a clash of policies we are happy to discuss with you a compromise solution.

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Our Legacy

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