“Schools focus on the student, we focus on the person” - Javonnie Shearn, Founder


Challenging assumptions and sharing the truth of experiences is what Up and Over is all about. Through a short interactive exercise we demonstrate the importance of respecting that everyone has a story and that we cannot know what that is based on their appearance. This shows participants how the labels they place on others affects hey way they treat them. The team then shares their stories up getting “up and over” their obstacles and how they were able to overcome them. The assembly concludes with high energy, high volume performances!

MENTORING (Not Offering this service at this time)

School Entrolled Youth We have a youth-centered approach to mentoring, which focuses on the needs of the youth and works towards goals that are         important to their development. (Mentors) also work to build relationships with teachers and counselors as allies for the students. (Mentors) guide youth in developing leadership and LIFE success skills by focusing on personal responsibility, accountability, conflict resolution, healthy relationships and self confidence. (Mentors) have significant phone and e-mail contact with their students outside school to provide emotional support for challenges that may interfere with personal success. We offer guidance and support to students of varying risks levels and our program is structured to help achieve school’s existing objectives.

Youth Correctional Facilities (long term sentences) The overall goal of the mentoring relationship, in addition to creating a caring adult connection for youth, is to offer guidance, support, and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the youth while instilling hope for a future in spite of their current circumstance.

WORKSHOPS (Not offering at this time)

Evolution of a Bully (youth and adults) Our anti bullying workshop is different from any other anti bullying workshop and is facilitated by someone who was a bully in school.  Through this workshop we set out to help people recognize and value difference, diversity and togetherness. The concept of bullying is explored on many levels from power to empowerment. What the word bullying means, strategies for dealing with bullying, identifying bullying behavior in themselves, understanding some reasons people bully and helping them understand their own behavior.  Our goal is to build confidence and coping skills while looking at active listening, empathy, and how to communicate effectively.

Achieve Against the Odds (youth) ACHIEVE  is a research based, culturally relevant, self-worth and values clarification program designed to help youth develop the mindset, skill-set and tool-set to create and see more options in their lives challenging them to make healthier decisions. To introduce them to values that guide their choices and help they become aware of their own power, purpose and worth. We cover decisions and choices, emotional regulation empathy and conflict resolution. We teach them how to think, not what to think. 

The Sum of All You Need to Know (educators) This workshop will introduce and discuss strategies, techniques and intervention tools for educators to develop greater opportunities for positive interpersonal relationship with youth.

Parent Workshop This workshop will explore both sides of bullying. First, we will discuss the historical correlation between bullying and oppression and help parents identify characteristics of bullying behavior and disciplinary choices have an effect on bullying behavior. We do this in a non judgmental way so they will be receptive to the information and self identify if applicable. We provide parents with Fundamentals, Techniques, Strategies and interventions to eliminate bullying behaviors in their children. Secondly, we offers tools to empower them should their student be the victim of bullying by helping them understand how to be an effective advocate for their student at school and how to offer them support at home.